Pokela & Associates leadership training and  development focuses on  developing the knowledge skills and attributes to lead with confidence at three levels.   

While providing the tools and building practical skills, we help to guide the development of a highly effective and productive work team.


  •  Recruiting
  •  Business Development
  •  Team Building
  •  Leadership Training
  •  Strategic Planning
  •  Marketing
  • In-house  Legal Council

Today's competitive environment is causing all industries to re-think the sales culture.  This is especially true in the banking industry which traditionally did not embrace a sales approach.  We have developed a structured quantifiable method to measure the development and progress of your business development efforts.

Leadership & Team Building

     Who We  Are...

business development


Our approach unites deep insight and  industry experience into the dynamics of banking with close  collaboration at all levels of the organization.  This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable  competitive advantage, build more capable organization and lasting results

Hiring  the right people can be a time-consuming process.  The good news is we've already put in the time for you.  Before you even see our candidates , we've spent hours, days, and weeks networking, recruiting and screening hundreds of talented banking professionals.  We know the industry, we know the people and we only present you the very best candidates for your consideration.






Pokela & Associates is community bank recruiting and consulting firm and leading advisor on bank strategy, business development, team building, leadership training, strategic planning and marketing.  We collaborate with clients in all areas of banking to identify the highest-value opportunities and address the most critical challenges. 

Pokela & Associates will search below the surface to find improvements others never see.