My sincerest gratitude to you for finding me this job. I am very excitedabout this new challenge and stage in my life, all thanks to you. This was my first experience ever working with a recruiter, and I feel you are truly unique in professionalism and understanding of the banking industry. You are a person who listens and really dedicates your efforts to identify a good match. In my opinion, you were always well organized throughout the entire recruitment process; keeping me regularly and sufficiently updated on any issues or questions that came up. I will be certain to recommend you to any contacts of mine who are looking for employment.  Thank you again for everything.


"Chris was able to find a company and a management team which was extremely compatible with my experience and career goals, and put me at ease throughout the entire process.  She has a superb understanding of banking, and her connections and professionalism were invaluable during this time!"

Angela-Wausau, WI


"Best recruiter I have ever worked with.  She cares as much for the candidates as she does the banks she is working for.  I love my new position and thank Chris for finding it for me!"

Sara - Eden Prairie, MN




"I really appreciated Chris's approach in helping us find a quality candidate.  She really took the time to understand exactly what we were looking for in a candidate to build our "Dream Team".  Her proactive approach enabled us to hire the right person to fill our position in a short period of time.  I look forward to working with Chris and Pokela & Associates in the future.

                                                                  David Vaselaar- Winona National Bank                     


"Excellent service provided by Chris!  I was particularly pleased to work with someone who I felt that I could trust.  From the start Chris stated that her objective was to help client banks build their "Dream Teams", not to just place them with another employee.  We received that kind of service and I would welcome the opportunity to work with Pokela & Associates again in the future."

Jon Bernander, Bank of Wisconsin Dells